April 2007

San Francisco

Just having some fun with Photoshop with this one. I was trying for a comic book sort of feel. I rather like it myself...

Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4

My all time favorite 50mm lens

I recently got some free Nik Effects color filters. Here I am playing around with the pop-art filter.

You can download some for free here: http://www.niksoftware.com/welcome/americanphoto/usa/entry.php?utm_campaign=americanphoto&utm_source=Ma r_06&utm_medium=redire

Jet Plane
Houston, Texas

Some more fun with Photoshop.

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Anonymous said...

Your special effects are very interesting. They show how photography can become art forms in various genre of art. The lenses look like Andy Warhol's pop art, and as you said, the San Francisco looks like comic book art. All you have to do is some combining of pictures and you can get the comic characters in the picture. We always enjoy seeing what is new on your blog. Great Job! Sandy & David