Equipment Leasing for Photographers

One reason the 2007, weekly photo has not occurred yet this year is a project I have been working on this year with my wife Annie.
Annie set up her own company Chang Team to serve the commercial real estate, equipment leasing, and factoring financing clients. Since she has access to nearly unlimited sources of capitol and lenders, and was already offering business equipment leasing, I helped set up a program designed especially for helping photographers, studios, and labs.
I set-up a website and am now working on a marketing strategy that reflects Annie's Chang Team principals: high quality customer service, attention to detail, and a friendly environment.

For now this project has taken some of my time away from photography but not completely. I am still learning in leaps and bounds in the ability to post process my images. I think I will make 2007 a year to blog about these new skills I am acquiring. My latest photoshop efforts have been to build a banner advert for the Chang Team Photographic Equipment Leasing project.

If you are interested to see the site just click the banner. I learned a bit about selection tools and using text in photoshop with this project and would probably do it a bit different if I was to do it again.

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