June 18-24

Sometimes you just don't pick up the camera for a while.

I will use this week to look back on my progress over the last 6 months. First I would like to say that making this blog has been very simple, blogger.com provides these for free and it is as simple as writing an e-mail. If you are considering starting your own blog, go do it, it is very simple.

When I began this Photo A Week project I wrote:

"I hope to take,
process, and post a photo here every week. Hopefully it will be a fun challenge for me to do this. I also hope to document how I worked on the posted photo. I think it will also help me document my growth as an artist..."

Although I tend to get behind on my processing an
d posting a little, I have been able to take some pictures each week, and I certainly have learned so much. I have seen the largest increase in knowledge with my post processing. I began by using PhotoShop Elements 2.0 and now am using PS CS2. There is so much to learn with this program that it is no surprise. I still have so much to learn...

Having to choose 1 photo a week has also helped me to
better analyze my shots and developed a more critical eye. The fact that I am doing something every week also helps, new techniques stay with me better if I use them regularly.

I think this project has been very successful so far. I have
improved myself and my photos, the blog makes it very nice to be able to mark my progress. Again I would highly recommend this type of blog to any photographer regardless of skill level.

I would also like to thank all the helpful members over at the POTN chatroom.

POTN (Photography on the Net) is a Canon oriented chatroom where everyone can share photos and knowledge. I owe much of my current knowledge to the helpful members there.

Since I don't have a photo this week I will post a few older shots...

Click on picture to see the larger version.

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