July 23, 2006

Ghirardelli Square
San Francisco, California

Canon EOS Digital Rebel / EF 17-40mm @ 17mm
f-7.1 / 1/125sec. / 400 ISO

Shot RAW and converted from a LDR to HDR via Photomatrix. Tone mapped via Photomatrix, additional post processing via Photoshop CS2.

This sureal photo is a result of a tone mapped (High Dynamic Range) HDR image. Basically the shadows and highlights are both exposed properly via the Photomatrix software. The resulting image can range from realistic to sureal and the Photomatrix software makes it easy to make adjustments to your likeing. A good tutorial (how I learned to use it) is here...

I will get around to fixing my typo at some point...

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SLC said...


I couldn't put my finger on the image technique until I read your explanation. Yes, it is surreal, it looks like an illustrator's water color with everything in focus and busy activities everywhere you look. It is a good technique for the subject matter.