June 2, 2006

Newark Liberty Airport

Canon EOS Digital Rebel / EF 70-200mm @ 200mm
f-6.3 / 1/500 sec. / 200 ISO

Shot RAW and processed via DPP. Additional sharpening, color correction and a frame added in PS CS2.

I am slowly getting the hang of using PhotoShop CS2, and Canon's DPP. I have developed my own style of doing things called a "workflow". I am still learning and it changes as I learn better ways of doing things.

My current workflow is as follows:

Shot RAW and processed with Canon DigitalPhotoPro

Brightness = 0.0
White Ballance = Cloudy
Pic Style = Landscape
Histogram levels adjusted for brightness and contrast
Tone = 0
Saturation = 2
Sharpness = 4

Final Processing via Photoshop CS2

1 . I generally start with Auto: Levels / Color / Contrast, and if it improves things I accept it otherwise bact to the original. In this case Auto levels made the sky a better blue color and Auto Contrast made no visible change so I kept it. Auto Color made things worse so I did not use it.

2. I used Shadow/Highlight tool to make some minor adjustments

3. I tried using the High Pass Filter on a new layer to sharpen the image. I do not completly understand how to get this to work. At the normal setting it made things a little sharper but also made things grey! even at 9% opacity it killed my contrast and at 9% not much sharpening was going on. I ended up using soft light at 35% opacity. This seemed to work.

4. I added Contrast +7

5. Resized to 700 pixels wide. Maybe I could do this a better way?

6. Ran a USM, 68 / 5.6 / 21

6. Added the black boarder

7. Saved for the web, Jpg - high

The end.

It will be intresting to look back later and see what changes I make.
If anyone sees ANYTHING I could do, or do better let me know.

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